Freitag, 27. Juli 2007

Palestinians block UN's initiative on Gaza crisis

The Palestinian delegation to the United Nations is blocking a Security Council initiative aimed at expressing the organization's concern over the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. ... Reports from the UN headquarters in New York reveal that Qatar, a member of the Security Council, formulated at least two drafts for the final presidential statement on the Gaza humanitarian crisis. The second draft was formulated in efforts to appease the Palestinians. However, according to sources, the Palestinian delegation has opposed any move on the behalf of the Security Council regarding this issue.

Abbas erhält einen [merh oder minder] geschönten 200-seitigen Bericht über die "Fehlerquellen" die zum Umsturz im Gazastreifen führten. Artikel dazu. ++++ Bisher 3 Quassam-Raketen am Abend in Richtung Negev-Wüste. ++++ Erneut 6 Verletzte bei der wöchentlichen Anti-Wall-Demo in Bil'in. ++++ Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with a delegation from the central elections committee in his presidential compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday. General Secretary of the committee, Dr Rami Amin, announced that the committee is ready for early elections [which are still under consideration], following 100 days from a presidential decision to call them.

This is what morons look like

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