Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2007

Oh Dahlan, you lousy bitch.

Eine Sammlung von Leila Khaled.

Kurznachrichten: "Statistical evidence has revealed that the Israeli authorities have intensified their arrest campaigns against Palestinians in the West Bank in the past two weeks, especially after the Sharm el Sheikh summit of Middle Eastern leaders. ... Fatah's information office issued a statement announcing that Israel has apprehended more than 300 Palestinians affiliated to the Fatah movement over the past two weeks. The number arrested in just two weeks has already exceeded the number of detainees proposed to be freed by Olmert." +++ Die Qassam-Brigaden [Hamas] attackieren die IDF bei Nahal Oz mit drei Granaten +++ Friedlicher Protest von etwa 100 Frauen unter Muna Mansour. "The Palestinian security prevented the protesters from approaching the detention center and fired warning gunshots into the air. Only five women were allowed to enter the detention center, including Muna Mansour. The women handed over a letter to the center's manager, calling on him to release the detainees immediately." +++ Weitere Proteste gegen den Rechtsbruch durch Sonnenkönig Abbas: "Two Palestinian human rights groups, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights and Al-Haq, have criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' most recent decree regarding the jurisdiction of the military judiciary during the state of emergency. On 6 July, Abbas issued a decree giving the Palestinian Authority's military courts greater power, in the interests of "public safety and internal public security." The PCHR considers this new decree to be "the most dangerous of a series of decrees" which Abbas has issued lately following the announcement of the state of emergency on 14 June. PCHR said, "The decree prepares for the destruction of the judicial authority and civilian life for the sake of militarizing Palestinian society." +++ Die Hamas gerät in Sachen "Zollorganisation" ins Schlingern. +++

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