Montag, 23. Juli 2007

Muslims Speak Out

Hier sei kurz auf ein special der Washington Post verwiesen.

Ebenso kurz israelische Erwartungshaltungen für den ersten Besuch Tony Blairs. Dto. eine Verfassungskrise der einen Art: Likud, NRP leaders call for education minister's dismissal. Und die Verfassungskrise der anderen Art wird immer bunter: "Fayad's government is now facing a real constitutional crisis," said independent legislator Mustafa Barghouti. "The government needs the approval of the parliament so that it can carry out its duties." Hassan Khraisheh, deputy speaker of the PLC, said the only solution to the current crisis was reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. He said Sunday's session was called by Fayad with the hope that the council would vote in favor of his government. [7 Verhaftungen in der Westbank über Nacht.]

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