Montag, 13. August 2007

Wenig geboten

Shimon Perez möchte nicht der Präsident des Nichts sein [sehr philosophisch: "The fact that I am the president of everyone does not mean that I am the president of nothing." wie er der Maariv erläutert und bietet einen 4-Jahres-Plan "Gefangene für Frieden freilassen"-Plan an, den die Olmert-Regierung aufgeregt zurückweist, was Perez nicht sonderlich aufregt.

Reuters berichtet von einer ersten Einigung bezüglich des waffendeals mit Israel: The United States has yielded to some Israeli demands on how new U.S. military aid will be paid out, ending a brief dispute over the issue, an Israeli official involved in the talks said on Sunday. ... The Bush administration wanted to increase the aid by a set amount each year, the Israeli official said, while Israel asked for the new funds to be "front-loaded", i.e. for a bigger chunk to be paid out in the first years, or spread evenly so the annual sum was $3 billion. "We reached an agreement that is somewhere in the middle," the Israeli official said, adding that first payout under the new schedule would be $2.55 billion as proposed by Washington. "After that, the increases will be steeper, meaning we achieve the $3 billion mark more quickly," the official said. --- Also in etwa eine Gesamtsumme von 600 Million US$. Zusätzlich.

CMC-press-release. Der Streubombenabwurf jährt sich. ++++ "Israel Defense Forces troops on Monday captured four Palestinians who infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, close to the Kissufim border crossing. The four men claimed to be Fatah members fleeing persecution by Hamas, which seized the Gaza Strip in June. The four are being held for further questioning. An IDF spokesperson said their motives are still unclear." ++++ Bereits am Abend kommt es zu einer Verhaftungswelle gegen PRC, Islamic Jihad und Hamas in der Westbank. Etwa 20 Verhaftungen. Am Qalandia-checkpoint werden 3 Palästinenser verhaftet, da sie "Flaschenbomben" - wohl "Brandbomben" platziert hatten. Und im Gazastreifen wird eine 14-jährige die Schafe hütet wegen... ähm ... wegen ... terroristischem Blöken der Schafe von der IDf-Miliz entführt. ++++ IDF backtracks on criminalization of illegal W. Bank construction ++++ Twenty-two law professors from leading Israeli universities on Monday officially published a petition slamming Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann's recent reforms.


Compulsive Reader hat gesagt…

ON THESE hot, sticky days of the Israeli summer, it is pleasant to feel the coolness of Oslo, even if the visit is only virtual.

Fourteen years after the signing of the Oslo agreement, it is again the subject of debate: was it a historical mistake?

In the past, only the Right said so. They talked about "Oslo criminals", as the Nazis used to rail against "November criminals" (those who signed the November 1918 armistice between the defeated Germany and the victorious Allies.)

Now, the debate is also agitating the Left. With the wisdom of hindsight, some leftists argue that the Oslo agreement is to blame for the dismal political situation of the Palestinians, the near collapse of the Palestinian Authority and the split between Gaza and the West Bank. The slogan "Oslo is dead" can be heard on all sides.

What truth is there in this?

shual hat gesagt…

Maybe my next fundraising-project will be a living-cell-therapy for Uri Averny.

I will read the text later, even it will be useless. But I will not erase it, cause it shows everybody the difference between Matar using NS-comparisons and Averny paying with the same currency.