Montag, 6. August 2007

Shin Beth VIP-security-service works!

Großartige Fortschritte zeigte heute ein erfolgreicher Test einer Modifikation des israelischen Exportschlagers "Shin Beth VIP-security" in Jericho. Es wird gemunkelt das internationale Größen das Paket nun erwerben möchten. Testsieger war das Modell "Olmert besucht Abbas in Jericho", wobei selbstverständlich zwei Doppelgänger die Rollen spielten. [Deswegen sind auch keine poltischen Ergebnisse bei dem Treffen zu erkennen.] Angedacht sind nun Besuche von Putin in Tschetschenien und George Bush in Mekka.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gar Store said Monday his country has severed all ties with Hamas established during the brief Palestinian Authority unity government. In a meeting with President Shimon Peres, Gar Store said the Norwegian government now deals exclusively with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and the PA Prime Minister Salam Fayad. Gar Store is in Israel on a joint visit with the chairman of Italy's Democrats of the Left party, Pierro Fassino, with whom he shares chairmanship of the Socialist International's committee on Middle Eastern affairs. [Major blow to the Dialog-Front] ++++ Danny Rubinstein If Hamas isn't in the game mit der interessanten Spekulation: "The Palestinian media has been reporting that a new city is being planned in the West Bank, between Nablus and Ramallah. One newspaper said it would be a top-priority national project: the first new Arab city since Arab conquerors founded Ramle 1,500 years ago. The Americans and the Saudis will fund the construction, which will provide work for tens of thousands of unemployed Palestinians...."] ++++ Update Hebron: The Israel Defense Forces on Monday sentenced eight soldiers to 28 days in military prison for refusing to take part in the removal of two Jewish families from a wholesale market in Hebron. Earlier Monday, IDF GOC Central Command, Major General Gadi Shamni, ordered disciplinary measures against two commanders and ten of their subordinates, and said they would be removed from combat. Und: "A gang of Israeli settlers set two Palestinian homes ablaze in the old city of Hebron on Sunday evening and a settler car ran over a 22-year-old Palestinian citizen, Noman Fawwaz Nazir, on Al Shohada Street, in the city centre. Dozens of Israeli settlers gathered in the old market place in the centre of Hebron after the Israeli police distributed orders to evacuate two shops occupied by Israelis over six years ago. Palestinian security sources informed Ma'an's correspondent that a group of Israeli settlers stormed a mosque in the old market place and set fire to the building. They then set ablaze the home of local citizen Andurrahman Sammouh and another Palestinian house. The settlers prevented the fire service from reaching the burning buildings." ++++ Eine Qassam-Rakete landet knapp neben einer "Vorschule" in Sderot ++++ Die Hamas stellt ein Frauen-Polizeibattalion auf. ++++ Reserve captain demoted for beating left-wing protester near Hebron ++++ Zu den berichteten Vorfällen in Artas, Bethlehem äußert sich Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: "Hundreds of settlers, under the protection of the army, seized territory in Khallat Cotton [near Artas], attacking the citizens as soldiers fired sound bombs and gas at them, at the same time as trying to deal with the settlers, to defend their land." Barghouthi said "This incident, which coincides with a meeting with President Abbas and Olmert, confirms that Israel is using these meetings in order to cover their expansionist designs."

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