Dienstag, 7. August 2007

IDF halts "capture" training in West Bank

Wie die Menschenrechtsorganisation Yesh Din über die Haaretz berichtet läßt Military Advocate General Brigadier General Avihai Mandelblit mitteilen das die IDF-Miliz eine durch die Yesh Din ermittelte Trainingspraxis einstellt. [Yesh Din Reveals IDF Reserve Brigade turned Palestinian villages to training facility ++++ Information which Yesh Din obtained from military reservists and residents of the village of Beit Lid shows that before sunrise on Wednesday, February 21 2007, a reservist IDF battalion raided the villages of Beit Lid and Safarin, and over the course of three hours, performed a street warfare drill among the houses of the villages. Furthermore, information obtained by Yesh Din tells that a similar drill was carried out at least one time in previous weeks and that another battalion is expected to carry out the drill in the coming weeks. In Yesh Din's appeal to the Military Advocate General, Adv. Michael Sfard indicates that the information the organization holds raises strong suspicion that the drills that were carried out in the Palestinian villages infringe upon a number of provisions of military justice law and contradict provisions of international law which obligate the military commander to protect the safety and well-being of civilians in an occupied territory. Yesh Din demands an investigation into the matter. In a testimony recorded by Yesh Din, a soldier said: "and suddenly you're in the middle of a village shouting "fire fire fire." It looked so crazy, and I think the residents there got a heart attack. There were residents who went to pray at those hours. There was no instruction on how to deal with them".] Der Biref von Yesh Din an Mandelblit findet sich hier.

Ein weiterer Armee-Skandal entdeckt Ynet: Woman impersonated IDF officer – and went to war ++++ Young woman released from army due to 'lack of compatibility' purchased uniform, fake rifle and walked freely into IDF bases for half a decade. During the Second Lebanon War she even joined an artillery battery in the north. 'It made me feel good,' she said after being caught.

Interessant: Der 167er-server von Evanzo, Bremen wurde heute durch "islamistische Cybertrerroristen" gehackt und die deutsche Webseite der Jewish Agency zerstört. ++++ Former Supreme Court Presidents Meir Shamgar and Aharon Barak met with Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann at his home in Ramat Aviv Tuesday in an attempt to ease the tensions between the justice minister and Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch. ++++ Raul Hilberg ist verstorben! ++++ Robin Hood in Nablus: Palestinian banks in Nablus closed their doors on Tuesday in protest against an armed attack on the Arab Bank and Palestine Bank in the city. An armed masked assailant told Ma'an's reporter "the reason for the attack is the banks' administration deducting huge sums from the salaries of the employees; they didn't even consider the employees' situation." Several armed men opened fire at the Arab Bank branch in the city centre and forced the administration to close the bank. Other armed assailants attacked Palestine Bank, shooting at it and attempting to storm it, before the administration closed the doors. [Super, In Fayyadland haben Bankräuber Zeit genug um Interviews zu geben!] ++++ Die etwas andere Art von shopping wurde in Tel Rumada praktiziert: "6 Israeli settler girls between the ages of 12 and 18 harassing and intimidating Palestinian residents as they walked along a Palestinian road in Tel Rumada. They were observed spitting in the face of a baby being carried by a family member, and insulting Palestinians with language so abusive that a soldier attempted to remove them from the area. The soldier was immediately chastised by his commanding officer, and the girls continued to walk along the road unabated, threatening residents by lunging and stamping as if about to hit them." Dazu wurde von männlichen Kollegen noch ein Mitarbeiter einer Hilfsorganisation[?] verprügelt.

Sehr "schön". Die Lebensqualität der Palästinenser in der Westbank wird massiv gesteigert! Als erstes ist aber das Volk von Fayyad dran! Brotpreise werden mit Wirkung zum 11.08.07 um ein Sechstel erhöht!

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