Mittwoch, 8. August 2007

Holy Russians in the holy land of the holy people

Kadima aims to gain support of Russian-speaking constituency.
The Russian-Israeli community is important to Kadima. So much so that Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, attending a community event last week in Ashdod, took care to stress that his recent remarks concerning the Russian prostitute problem "were distorted by ill-intentioned individuals." Dichter had warned that "tens of thousands of prostitutes" could enter the country if visa requirements for Russian tourists were eliminated. The "ill-intentioned" individuals Dichter referred to were not present, and so he apologized for them before "the holy Russian public." In other words, his statements had been a slip of the tongue.

Observers could find no holy men or holy women at the conference.

Ehud Barak beweist das er zu intelligent für seinen neuen Job ist: Defense Minister Ehud Barak attributes great importance to speeding up the development of technological defenses against rocket fire on the home front, as he considers this a precondition for any significant withdrawal from the West Bank. Such a withdrawal would put Israel's main population centers in Qassam rocket range of the Palestinian Authority. Therefore, Barak believes, Israel must first develop and deploy an effective anti-missile system - a process that is expected to take three to five years.

Shimon Peres hat die Faxen von Olmert dick und betreibt jetzt eigenständige Politik. Zuvor: Ehud Olmert ließ über sein Büro verlautbaren, er habe überhaupt gar keinen Vorschlag von Peres bekommen. Liar. President Shimon Peres expects to receive American and European support for the peace proposal he submitted to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert this week. Und die andere Seite? Nach den Brotpreiserhöhungen soll investiert werden in wahres Manna für das palästinensische Volk: Less than two months after Hamas tattered the rule of its rival Fatah faction in the Gaza Strip and took control of the area, the Palestinian Authority - under Fatah leader Chairman Mahmoud Abbas - is once more requesting large shipments of weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles.

In the next edition, you can read how the IDF killed 2 "militants" in the Gaza Strip, why one soldier in Nablus was hurt and that another 13 palestinians were confiscated in the West Bank.

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