Mittwoch, 29. August 2007


Israel is considering the construction of a border fence in cooperation with Egypt to prevent the passage of terrorists, smugglers and asylum-seekers between the two countries, Prime Minister's Office Director General Ra'anan Dinur told the Knesset Committee on Foreign Workers on Tuesday. ++++ Israel is considering a Palestinian request to include in its amnesty for Fatah fugitives 26 militants expelled in 2002 after a siege on the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. ++++ Rabbinate forces Arab farmers to sell land to non-Jews for sabbatical year ++++ Al Jazeera satellite television broadcast on Tuesday what it claimed was the two-page document drawn up by the two sides [Gestern Olmert/Abbas], but Israel dismissed the report as false. ++++ Lindenstrauss: Gov't not doing enough for North

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