Dienstag, 7. August 2007

Police begins evacuation of Hebron market

Security forces on Tuesday morning began evacuating protestors and residents from the wholesale market in the West Bank city of Hebron. Police have entered two of the three apartments in the market slated for evacuation and are currently removing people from the site. Hundreds of right-wing activists have barricaded themselves in the three apartments and have encircled the market with barbed wire, oil drums, and burning tires. Protestors have also locked and welded shut the doors to the apartments, which house the Yahalom and Bar-Kochba families. Dozens of teenagers, some of them wearing masks, have taken to the roofs of the market, where they reportedly have been throwing rocks, eggs, and light bulbs at security forces.

Und der "Transfer" feiert fröhliche Urstände und will sich als "Peres" verkaufen: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is examining a new framework for peace in which Israel will propose transferring to the Palestinian state areas equivalent to 100 percent of the territories conquered in 1967. Israel will suggest to the Palestinians to conduct negotiations for adequate territorial compensation from Israel's sovereign territory, in exchange for settlement blocs amounting to about 5 percent of the West Bank's area. Israel is also examining various options of exchanging settlement blocs with Arab community blocs within Israel, in agreement with the residents. An agreement on this issue would enable Yisrael Beiteinu, headed by Avigdor Lieberman, to remain in the coalition. The new framework was presented to Olmert by President Shimon Peres, a few days after he entered the President's Residence. It includes a timetable for negotiations for the final status agreement and implementing it, similar to the framework of the Peres-Abu Ala agreement reached at the end of 2001. [???]

Peres-Abu Ala agreement: The so-called "Peres - Abu Ala Plan" is reportedly based on four stages: 1Cease-fire and collection of illegal weapons by the PA. 2Recognition by Israel of a Palestinian state and renewed Palestinian recognition of Israel. 3Establishment of a Palestinian state on Areas A and B (42% of the West Bank and Gaza). 4Final status negotiations, including Jerusalem, settlements, and refugee issues, over the course of a year.

"The whole basis of the plan is worthless," MK Haim Ramon said. "Abu Ala doesn't have influence on Hamas. He doesn't even influence the Tanzim. The PA is neither willing, nor able, to end terror."

PS: Police evacuate "Women in Green" head Matar from Hebron market [Da wird sie wieder Gift und Galle spucken.]

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