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Hynkelstan and the hype about Beauchamp

Shual Aug,27,2005: You can certify that americans as a whole have no experience of dealing with the impact of excesses. However, we are not living in times of local and restricted campaignes. The internet and its use as an instrument of opinion-shaping only started its development. Whereas a grey mass of users today vainly tries to beat the reality and complexity of political procedures and decisions in apolitical discussions until a wanted irreal effect appeares the political class will pull the strings silentlty. Democracies today have a transparency problem.

Two years later Hynkelstan, the empire of american replication of the wrecked wars, has gained form and territory. It expressed its power in the recent affaire about "diaries" of Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Marc Pitzke describes the story behind it. [Der "Weekly Standard" begann, die Authentizität des Front-Tagebuchs offen anzuzweifeln. Es rief konservative Blogger auf, die Bulletins gegenzuchecken - und meldete schließlich unter Berufung auf eine anonyme Quelle, "Scott Thomas" habe seine Artikel unter Eid widerrufen. Der konservative "National Review" schlug in die gleiche Kerbe.] "Conservative bloggers", a term that Pitzke uses cause he does not want to be "checked", cause if you are getting "checked" from a wave of braindead xenophobes and "true americans" the result is always in one of those categories: Now, for all you latte-sippin', gun-fearing, military-hating, anti-US, lefty journalists, below are two pictures that will help you determine whether a bullet held up by a fellow propagandist has, or has not, been fired. Its facinating to see those idiots dancing around their new golden calf: They are apolitical voters "true to party principles" sitting in the start block to defend their irreal self-picture of the army, culture, religion against the enemy. "Ein Narr macht tausend Narren" [Simplicissimus], one jerk makes thousands of jerks, and one Bush several millions. Instead of talking about the brutality of war they are talking about fishy pictures and exaggerated reports. Instead of talking aboubt responsibility, they are eager to find an example of dubious journalism. And if they find one [or fabricate one] they use it as approval of their warmonger-existance.

Hynkelstan, the empire of paranoid cowards is not only the extension of the "defense-establishment" or of "neoimperialism". It has not only its counterpart, the "American Hynkel Movement" of so-called progressive bush-haters. Like a virus it spreads in the internet and infects the masses. Infect them with fascistic thinking and create group dynamics far beyond any imagination. And there is no doubt about the fact that the "old europe" is following.

Update: Beauchamp less of a human being?, Matt Sanchez.

,aber ihre Kommandeure erlauben ihnen nicht, das Wort "Ficken" auf ihre Flugzeuge zu schreiben, weil *das* obszön ist

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