Montag, 13. August 2007

Occupation 101 online

Documentary Occupation 101 full version online.

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This movie shows the real truth which cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all relevant countries/citizens to stop aiding/supporting Israel, with use of sanctions if necessary, until it ends its occupation of the Arab territories. We must defend the Palestinian causes, denounce the brutal Israeli/Zionist crimes and criticise the disastrous Israeli policy of expansion and oppression in Palestine.We don’t have to be diplomats or politicians to appreciate that any agreement must be enforcable and at least include the return to the pre-1967 borders, with Israel withdrawing from ALL Palestinian occupied territories (including the West Bank and East Jerusalem), allowing Palestine to control its own borders and recognising Palestinian rights, including the rights to life, freedom, movement and the return to homelands. Although we know that America will not be a peacemaker in the Israeli/Palestine conflict, we must continue to demand to know when the United States is going to “stand up to Israel”, cease providing Israel with financial and military support, and at least be “even-handed in its approach to Israel and Palestine”.