Donnerstag, 16. August 2007

Giuliani opposes Palestinian state

US Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said he opposes creation of a Palestinian state at this time and would take a tough stand with Iran, including destroying its nuclear infrastructure "should all else fail."

Outlining his foreign policy views in the September/October issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, Giuliani said "too much emphasis" has been placed on brokering negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians - an apparent swipe at President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who have been pushing both sides for final status negotiations despite Hamas's takeover of Gaza in June.

Im gleichen Magazin findet sich ein entsprechendes "Essay" von John Edwards.

Report: UNSC to reject Israeli request to expand UNIFIL role ++++ Mahmoud Abbas greift durch und entläßt 8 Mitarbeiter [des Staates] ais politischen Gründen, darunter Mohammed al-Madhoun nach dessen Aussagen im "blackmailing-Skandal": "Dr Mohammad Al Madhoun, said on Sunday that officials in the West Bank are responsible for deteriorating conditions and the consequences of the use of Al Awja Crossing as an entry point for the stranded Palestinians. Al Madhoun blamed the West Bank officials for agreements which led to "the blackmailing of citizens in order to cooperate with Israeli intelligence." ++++ Verwirrung gibt es um eine Inszenierung der Al-Aqsa-Brigaden. Wohl eine Fraktion der Miliz der Fatah sandte an die Maan-Agentur ein Schreiben in dem sie eimn Recht auf bewaffneten Widerstand fordert und den Palästinens aller Palästinenser Mahmoud Abbas auffordert seinen Despotie-Manager Salam Fayyad zu entlassen. Kurz daruaf erschien bei der Maan ein Schreiben, das das Vorschreiben dementiert.

Poll: Only five percent of Israelis support the candidacy of Ehud Olmert for prime ministerial reelection, according to a poll conducted for Israel Radio. Also according to the poll, 30% support the candidacy of Labor head Ehud Barak, and 32% support Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu

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