Freitag, 17. August 2007

Weitere Ereignisse von Belang

Soeben wird ein Luftangriff der IAF im Gazastreifen gemeldet. In Khan Younis soll es drei Verletzte geben.

The falsity of the "enlightened", Dr. Ron Breiman. ++++ Der Bruder von Zakaria Zubeidi, Daud wird wegen versuchter Entführung einer Israeli verhaftet. Weitere 8 Palästinenser in 24 Stunden ohne Begründung. ++++ Reiters: "U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to call a meeting on the future of Iraq as well as a session of the Quartet mediators on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a U.N. official said on Thursday. The meetings are tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 22-23, a day before a summit on the environment and two days before the annual parade of kings, presidents, prime and foreign ministers address the 62nd session of the General Assembly." ++++ Mahmoud Kheil, Executive Forces, berichtet das der Dagmoush-Clan Waffen abgeben würde. Zwischenzeitlich wurde der attorney general im Gazastreifen Ahmed al-Mughani von der Hamas festgesetzt, jedoch bald danach wieder frei gelassen. ++++ MK Said Nafa (Balad) on Thursday held Defense Minister Ehud Barak personally responsible for the death of Radi Alwahash, an 18-year-old Palestinian who died roughly six weeks ago at an Israel Defense Forces checkpoint. ++++ Gegen Tirawi wird Anklage erhoben: The Israeli public prosecutor on Thursday issued 17 indictments of against Deputy spokesman for the Fatah parliamentary bloc in the West Bank, Jamal Tirawi, including causing death, and possessing weapons and explosives. Tirawi was arrested at his home in the Balata refugee camp 85 days ago and is now being held at Al Halma prison. [Maan]

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