Montag, 15. Oktober 2007


OneVoice Negotiations Referendum Proposals

1. Two states: Do you agree that there will be two viable states: Israel will be the state of the Jewish people and Palestine the state of the Palestinian people, each recognizing the other as such, both democratic and respecting human rights, including minority rights?

2. Borders: Do you agree that the 1967 borders are the basis for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, modifications will accommodate territorial and security needs of both sides, while exchange of territories will be mutually agreed?

3. Settlements: Do you agree that any peace agreement will be based on the principle of evacuating the settlements, excluding settlement blocks?

4. End of occupation and terror: Do you agree that Israel shall completely end the occupation, within the context of a comprehensive peace agreement and a cessation of all terror and violence on both sides, at which time all political prisoners will also be released?

5. Security: Do you agree that the Palestinian state shall be demilitarized for an agreed upon period, but will posses a strong security force, and each state shall ensure that its territory is not used to threaten the security of the other?

6. Jerusalem: Do you agree that Arab East Jerusalem will be under Palestinian sovereignty while Jewish area will be under Israeli sovereignty, and that each State shall have the right to establish its capital within its sovereign territory, recognized by the other and internationally?

7. Holy Sites: Do you agree that both States will guarantee security, access and freedom of worship to all significant religious sites giving due regard to the established customs of each religion?

8. Refugees: Do you agree that no peaceful solution will be achieved without a solution to the Palestinian Refugees problem?

9. Education and reconciliation: Do you agree that, in order to build reciprocal understanding, education against incitement, terror, hatred, fear and racism should be an integral and enforceable element of the permanent agreement; that Palestine and Israel shall foster economic, social and cultural cooperation in order to improve the lives of their citizens; and that physical barriers should not serve as an obstacle for this?

10. End of Conflict: Do you agree that a permanent peace agreement shall constitute the end of the conflict, and mutual claims and must be implemented and democratically approved?

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