Montag, 22. Oktober 2007

Fraud-Specialist and more

Zuvor jedoch die guten Nachrichten: Physicians for Human Rights - Israel (PHR) announced on Sunday that the army has allowed six patients suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses to enter Israel as a result of pressure exerted by the organization and human rights groups abroad. Und: The top Israeli and Palestinian diplomats stationed in Poland visited the former Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp complex together Sunday in a rare joint act of reflection on the Holocaust. Israeli Ambassador David Peleg said he spent 2 hours with his Palestinian counterpart, Khaled Ghazal, visiting the gas chambers, crematoria and barracks at the former Nazi camps in southern Poland. Und: Israel to allow shipment of anesthesia to Gaza hospital.

Miese Nachrichten im Überfluß: Der Nachteil der strategischen Entscheidung Israels sich einen defensiven Raketenschutzschild zuzulegen liegt in der Zusammenarbeit mit Amerikanern "gewisser Herkunft". Heute findet ein erstes Symposium unter dem Titel: The Critical Need for Missile Defense for Israel's National Security statt. Unter dem sinnigen Bereich "Die Washingtoner Persepektive" läßt sich ein alter Rumpsfeld-Kumpan aus Northorp Grumman Zeiten hören: James G. Roche [Former Air Force secretary James G. Roche violated two military ethics rules when he urged a defense contractor to hire the brother of a senior Office of Management and Budget official while the Air Force was trying to win OMB endorsement of a new $30 billion aircraft leasing program, according to the Defense Department's top auditor.] Die Perspektive [Präventivschlagdoktrin] erläutert er hier. +++++ An der Grenze Gaza-Israel kommt es zu einem Zwischenfall mit 4 verletzten Hamas-Milizionären. +++++ Noch nicht im Orginal veröffentlicht ist eine Studie des Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. [Inhalt: An Israeli pullout from Arab neighborhoods of east Jerusalem as part of a peace accord with the Palestinians without an agreement regarding the Old City and the Temple Mount will not solve the dispute over Jerusalem. ...] +++++
Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt called on the United States on Sunday to impose sanctions against Syria, warning that Lebanon would not enjoy stability and independence as long as Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime was in power. Jumblatt also accused Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group allied with Syria and Iran, of involvement in political assassinations in Lebanon along with its Syrian allies.

Unser spezieller Freund ist wieder da: The Bush administration is exerting heavy pressure on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to appoint senior Fatah figure Muhammad Dahlan as his deputy, sources in Ramallah said Sunday. According to the sources, Abbas has rejected the US demand, triggering a crisis with Washington. They said tensions between Abbas and Dahlan had escalated over the past few weeks after the latter criticized the PA president's performance. Sources close to Abbas told the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masriyoon that Dahlan had been inciting Fatah cadres in the West Bank and Gaza Strip against Abbas. [Da die Quelle Abo Toameh ist... treat as very suspect]

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