Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007

Surprise! Surprise!

22 months after Shual finished his examination of the "progressive networks" in the USA and said "Good Bye" with his groundbreaking [don't forget, megalomaniac] The American Hynkel Movement, the DKos-Gestapo eliminated indipendent bloggers. The list of eliminated persons and the procedure. Ben Heine gives you his thougth about the story.

For english Readers: I will not translate the whole thing. The thesis is very simple: Until the last elections [Presidency, US] mass-networks like Dkos opened the doors for all, incl. antisemites. To have a strong antisemitic minority in a network changes the structure of the network and fascistic tendencies take over. The switch after the lost elections from anti-Lieberman-progressive into pro-Russ-Feingold-progressive was a question of changing the relation to the "Israel"-Topic. It requested a different perfomance of the network-owners in the case of antisemitic speeches. But in fact, it was already too late: The structure of Dkos was already fascistic. In the beginning only "unrequested" persons were hunted. The test used thougths of "Juan Cole", representing one of the icons at Dkos ["Führer"] and did attack his thouths in a very pragmatic manner. And the reactions were: A dkos-"administrator" gave the order: "Fire". Downrating without arguments, insulting comments without any border incl. xenophobical acts. And especially fascistic: Eliminating almost all of my comments, because they were "disturbing" with political facts and a polite language.

"None of the above dictate to us what our thoughts should be, none censor our works and none threaten to ban us if there is a disagreement. That's how things work in a Democracy. That's how things don't work at DK." [And I think, as they seem not very informed about antisemitism at Dkos they still cultivate their antisemitic minority.]

Keep on writing, victims of DKos and the other members of the American Hynkel Movement

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