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Settler bus kills One

Watch this special report of blogger Lirun about Sulhita 2008.

Reuters: Angry Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank on Monday after a bus carrying Israeli settlers ran over and killed a Palestinian shepherd as he led his herd across a road. Sharid Shtayeh, 15, was riding his donkey when a passenger bus carrying Jewish settlers to the settlement of Elon Moreh slammed into his herd near the Palestinian village of Salem, killing him, his donkey and a number of sheep. An Israeli police spokesman confirmed the shepherd was killed in a road accident. An Israeli ambulance crew pronounced Shtayeh dead at the scene. The carcasses of the dead donkey and the sheep were strewn across the road.

*** Gazastreifen: Medium attack level on Monday: Sieben "Projektile" aus DFLP- und Fatah-Manufaktur werden auf israelisches Gebiet abgeschossen. [...] A high ranking UN official on Monday described the Gaza health system as being in a "pathetic state" and said that European prisoners had better access to basic services than residents of the coastal Strip. John Ging, the Gaza head of UNRWA, the UN's agency for Palestinian refugees, said that access to health care and clean drinking water remained problematic. "Many prisoners in European jails have access to better basic services than ordinary decent Palestinians living in Gaza," he said, referring to reports that likened the enclave to an "open-air prison" during an event in Gaza City to mark World Health Day. "Many parties were responsible for the current state of affairs in the enclave," Ging said, implying that the burden of improving conditions was on both the Israeli government and Palestinian factions. [...] Moshe Elad, "Hamas under pressure": The next scenario is very realistic: Israel grants Hamas' demand to release 350 of the most senior Palestinian terrorists of all times in exchange for the release of Gilad Shalit. Those freed, according to the "Israeli blood standard", would be terrorists whose hands are covered with so much blood they can hardly be seen. Their release from prison could be interpreted in the territories as a divine miracle, a wonder that only takes place once every several generations, and Khaled Mashaal would become a legend in his life. Because in the territories, as always, those who succeed in freeing prisoners, no matter how, are immediately crowned as leaders and win public fame. [...] Die libanesische Hezbollah-Lügenzeitung al-Akhbar meldet einen einseitigen General-Waffenstillstand aller palästinensischer Gruppen. Wird nur erwähnt damit man morgen sieht was für eine Lügenzeitung das ist.

*** Jerusalem: Special von Helena Cobban, "Why Jerusalem is special": Jerusalem is one of my favorite cities in the whole world. Not just because of the spectacular integrity of the Old City, as a concept and a reality. Not even because it has an intriguing little street called "Queen Helena Street"... (Boy, did the eponymous Queen H.have a lot to answer for, in terms of getting Christianity entangled into the affairs of imperial governance, the subsequent development of so-called "Just War" doctrine, and so on... Maybe I should just change my name??) und "More on Jerusalem"

*** Westbank: Ein Militärgericht in Jenin spricht über einen 23-jährigen Sicherheitsbediensteten der Fatah das erste offizielle Todesurteil wegen Mordes an einem 21-jährigen in Tulkarem am 22.10.06. Der Fall hatte Aufsehen erregt weil nach der Tötung hunderte Familienangehörige des Opfers revoltierend durch Tulkarem zogen. Er wird Aufsehen erregen da der Präsident aller Palästinenser den Mann begnadigen wird und er erregt jetzt Aufsehen, da sich die Familie des Täters beschwert das Gericht habe bi-familiäre Verhandlungen über Ausgleichszahlungen an die Opferfamilie nicht beachtet. Von Reform noch meilenweit entfernt. [...] RAM-FM, an English-language radio station broadcasting from a Jerusalem studio, was shut down by police on Monday for transmitting without a proper permit. The West Bank station broadcasts Western music in an attempt to bring Israelis and Palestinians closer together. Bericht von Mirko Heinemann über den Sender. Die illegalen Sender der Rechtsextremisten dürfen natürlich weiter senden. [...] Die Fattouh-cellphone Affaire geht allen Ernstes weiter: Fattouh entschuldigt sich in einer Pressekonferenz beim palästinensischen Volk für die Taten seines Fahrers und für die Unangenehmlichkeiten die er dem palästinensischen Volk mit dieser Affaire einbrachte. Daraufhin nahm er wie es in Ramallah Tradition hat sein Schwert und... ähm... nein, das Japan. [...] Israel has rejected the Palestinian Authority bid to deploy its national security force's special battalion in the West Bank city of Hebron, but has agreed to their deployment in Jenin instead. [...] Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Monday cautioned that West Bank settlement construction undermined the chances of a peace deal being reached, speaking on the same day the highest level talks were held between Israel and the Palestinians since February. ... Abbas and Olmert spent much of the three-hour meeting at Olmert's Jerusalem residence discussing settlements, but basic disagreements remained, Erekat said. He stated that Abbas showed Olmert documents, maps in emphasizing the need to stop the construction. Erekat nannte die Westbank iÜ auch ein "großes Gefängnis", aus dem allerdings scheinbar manche das Recht haben in luxuriösen Residenzen in Jerusalem Kaffeekränzchen zu halten. [...] Israel will not cooperate with the head of a UN body surveying Palestinian damages resulting from the West Bank security barrier, an official in the Israeli Mission to the UN said Monday. ... Vladimir Goryayev, the head of the UN body charged with collecting Palestinian claims of damages from the barrier, arrived in the region Sunday for a week long visit to begin establishing contacts and reviewing the situation on the ground. Text der Resolution A/Res/ES/10-17. [...] "The vast majority of the Palestinian people, myself included, are ready for a historic reconciliation based on international resolutions that will result in the establishment of two states, a Palestinian and an Israeli one, that will exist side by side in peace and security," jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti said in a letter addressed to Peace Now activists on the movement's 30th anniversary. [...] Akiva Eldar, "The time has come for Bush to intervene": In a meeting in Brussels last month with female leaders, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reported that talks between Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the head of the Palestinian negotiating team, Ahmed Qureia, seem to be going much better than how they are portrayed in the media. She said chances were not bad that the two sides would implement the Annapolis dream of reaching an agreement by the end of 2008. Last week, Rice came to the region to make sure that when her president returns to Jerusalem next week, he will not go home empty-handed. As always, the senior American stateswoman did not enter the negotiating room; she received a report from both sides about the talks on borders, refugees and Jerusalem. Oh, excuse me - according to the agreement with Shas, Jerusalem is outside the bounds of negotiations.

*** Israel: "We do not seek to tell Israelis what to do," Pastor John Hagee told a group of reporters Monday, following claims made last week by the president of the Union for Reform Judaism suggesting that he and his organization, Christians United for Israel, were a threat to the country's security. Speaking from Israel, Hagee addressed a group of reporters in a joint conference call organized following statements made by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, who spoke at the annual convention of Central Conference of American Rabbis in Ohio. He urged Reform rabbis to distance themselves from Christian Zionists and targeted Hagee in particular for comments he made about Catholics, Muslims and his rejection of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [...] Apropos: Jack Avitals neueste Idee, Jewish Fundraiser to Support Syrian Children with Cancer erhellt den Tag, macht froh und optimistisch. Über Jack Avital gibts so viele Geschichten, das ich vermute er wird im Buch von Gilad Sharon, der schon Memoiren über seinen Vater schreibt nicht auftauchen wird obwohl er dick befreundet war. Dieses buch wird von diesem blog nicht empfohlen. Alex vom Landis-blog hat einen Text ausgegraben den es sich zu lesen lohnt, Robert tuttle, "The Jews of Syria". [...] The Prime Minister's office and the Finance Ministry is examining the possibilities of implementing a tax reduction beginning on Independence Day as a gesture to Israel's residents in honor of the state's 60th anniversary. The plan would call for lowering the sales tax from 15.5 percent to 15 percent and an additional income tax reduction for the years 2008 to 2012, to be announced later. Coooool. Erst die Subventionen des Brotpreises streichen und dann zum Geburtstag in Form von Steuersenkungen schenken. Those guys are smart. [...] Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann on Monday slammed the Supreme Court and its former president Aharon Barak for his outspoken criticism of
Friedmann's proposed reforms of the justice system. Barak said last week that Friedmann's proposals were like a gun pointed at the temple of the Supreme Court. Speaking at a gathering of the Israel Bar Association, Friedmann said Barak had spoken "with no self-restraint."

Und da ich heute keine Zeit mehr habe müssen die Nachrichten über Syrien und Libanon auch vom Landis-blog geklaut werden, denen ich nichts hinzuzufühen habe.

*** Iran: Minister of National Infrastructures and former defense minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer sent Iran a warning Monday, saying "an Iranian attack on Israel will lead to a harsh response by Israel that will cause the destruction of the Iranian nation." Ben-Eliezer was speaking during a visit to the Infrastructure Ministry war room, which is being prepared as part of the civil defense drill. "The Iranians won't rush to attack Israel, because they understand the significance such action would have and are well aware of our strength," added Ben-Eliezer. "However, Iran continues to aggravate the situation by supplying arms to Syria and Hezbollah, and we must deal with this." [Profiliersüchtig. Aus seiner Palastrevolte gegen Barak wurde nichts. Aus seiner Forderung Barghouti frei zu lassen wurde nichts. Aus seiner...]

*** Attack on Syria, part XXXIX: An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, Channel 2 stated Monday. Furthermore, according to a report leaked to the TV channel, Syria has arrested 10 intelligence officials following the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh. [Jpost] oder vielleicht doch eher The United States and Israel seek to pressure North Korea to cease its nuclear cooperation with Iran, which is one of the motives behind their agreement to disclose details on the air-force strike in Syria last September. According to foreign press reports, the strike targeted a nuclear installation built with North Korean assistance. According to information obtained by Washington and Jerusalem, North Korea transferred technology and nuclear materials to Iran to aid Tehran's secret nuclear arms program.

Vivian Gornick, "All That is Given - Hannah Arendt on being Jewish": Born a Jew destined to endure the catastrophe of Nazi Germany, Hannah Arendt experienced firsthand the despair inflicted on an entire civilization when the country of her birth consumed a continent in its determination to rule the known world. She saw, up close, something in the human condition writ large that shaped her intellectual talent for the rest of her life. The experience made Arendt a political thinker. She'd thought of herself as a Jewish German, not a German Jew. When the Nazis came to power, however, and friends, colleagues, and neighbors scrambled to forget they'd ever known her, the transformation of her identity stunned her and the question of how it had come about became an obsession. True, political gangsters had hijacked Germany; but very quickly, it seemed, other European nations had adopted an equally open policy of official anti-Semitism, as though they'd only been waiting for the opportune moment. Why? And why now? The conviction among the Jews themselves that they were, as ever, only the regulation victims of the newest barbarians did not satisfy. For Arendt, this was an inadequate explanation for the immensity of what was happening. ...

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