Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007

Ninet has cut her hair!!

Das ist ja mal eine schreckliche Bescherung! One of my favorite jewish girls, famous Israeli popstar Ninet Tayeb ... hat ihre Haare abgeschnitten! Ehud Asheri, "What is Ninet worth?" Na, die wachsen wieder, hoffe ich.

Video Hi Yoda'at

Lyrics translated by George Yakubovitz:

She knows, people always tell her
people just interfere with her
what to wear, what to eat
what is right, what is not right

They whisper what they think
they take part in as they want
how is it forbidden, how much is allowed
if it's possible or not

You shall do and go, learn
and you'll see how in a moment,
in a moment one captures the world
scream out, be quiet,
just come, come, return to me

Yes, she knows
that he always listens to her
that he's the one showing her
showing her the truth, what to take what to give
and if you're listening, maybe you know
how one continues from here

You shall do and go, learn...


Tsedek hat gesagt…

she appeared on 'kochav nolad' when i was still watching tv, and she was so sweet, so purely intense on getting her voice through. but then she was 'discovered' and she went in die mangel der -celebrity'look- presumptions.
she is but a weak shadow of who she started out to be, that time, full of unspoiled energy during the kochav nolad performances.....

look for yourself what she was and what she has become:

shual hat gesagt…

Dear Tsedek,

thats why I choosed "Hi Yoda'at" which deals with that sad fact. On the other hand you could see her now as Aviv Geffens product and now THIS is really "Geschmacksache".

"Kochav nolad", yes I can remember that. I was very surprised about her, cause in similar shows here... very bad quality.

And, I must confess, without those moments with girls like her the work with Israel would be a very sad thing.